Thursday, July 23, 2009

Andy Stern Cares Not For State Borders...

The vengeance of Andy Stern evidently is now to be vented upon the Washington State Labor Council. And what, praytell, was the malefaction that got them such notice from Our Glorious Maximum Leader?

The WSLC invited Sal Rosselli to speak at their annual convention - for roughly 15 minutes:

The Washington State Labor Council—the local labor lobby which represents AFL-CIO unions— has come under fire from the other big union lobby in town, the SEIU.

PubliCola got a copy of an angry letter that the Service Employees International Union sent to WSCL president Rick Bender yesterday saying the WSLC may be "undermin[ing] our ability to work together and maintain unity." (The letter is signed by four local SEIU presidents, including high profile SEIU 775 leader David Rolf.)

At issue: The WSLC invited an ousted SEIU leader, Sal Rosselli, to speak at the WSCL’s August 6-8 convention in Wenatchee.

The letter—also singed by SEIU Local 6 president Sergio Selinas, Local 925 president Kim Cook, and Local 1948/PSE president George Dockins—lists SEIU’s complaints about Roselli, including, they say, "improperly diverting $3 million in members’ dues money to a bogus non-profit organization."

WSLC spokeswoman Kathy Cummings defends the decision to bring Rosselli, telling PubliCola that "he’s a great trade unionist. And they’re [SEIU] making a bigger deal out of this than it really is. This is a 15-minute information session."

Cummings says Rosselli headed up SEIU when it was the fastest growing union in California, and that he’s simply speaking to the WSLC delegates for 15 minutes.

The letter in question is signed by four Purple Plague presidents (no telling at this time if they were elected or selected), and it is basically a page and a half of moldy-oldie SEIU anti-Rosselli exaggerated talking points, followed by this nice little passage:
SEIU members in Washington State – many of whom have talked directly with members who were negatively impacted by Sal Roselli’s poor leadership in California, are outraged by this invitation and will not allow Roselli to come speak to union members here without making sure that they know the full story.

Since Roselli has nothing to add to any conversation about organizing or politics in Washington State, there is no possible motivation for this invitation other than as a direct and hostile attack on SEIU.

We have a lot of work to do in the months and years ahead – to hold politicians accountable to working families, advance a progressive agenda in the legislature, and win economic and social justice for all Washingtonians. Let’s avoid unnecessary and divisive actions that get in the way of this work.

We strongly urge you to withdraw your invitation of Sal Roselli so we can continue to work together to solve the problems facing working families in Washington State.
Translation: Sure is a nice convention y'all are planning to have. Wouldn't want anything bad to happen to it...

Yes, folks, it's true. In AndyWorld, Sal Rosselli is now officially to be persona non grata anywhere outside of the Great State of California when it comes to speaking about labor issues, and woe betide any organization that would even dare to invite such an individual to speak at their convention. Such bannings evidently now will be rigorously enforced by the SEIU Thug KultureKorps.

Of course, this plays in nicely with how we all know SEIU reacts when any labor group has a speaker that they do not agree with, or whom they perceive as a threat to their organization. Right, Thug Regan?


  1. Note that the prez. of SEIU 1199NW did *not* sign on to the letter. I think that's the most interesting bit of all.

  2. SEIU's Californiraq is spreading to the PNW!


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