Sunday, January 31, 2010

The LMP Shakedown

It seems Clan Barney isn't too pleased with NUHW leaking details of their Sooper Seekrit Backroom Deals...

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Wow. Once again, KaiPerm is trying to get the membership to pay for something that has benefitted management for almost 13 years, and it appears that SEIU has decided to go along for the ride.

Memo to Brave Sir Regan: There is a difference between negotiation and capitulation, ya know.

Right now, SEIU's best financial hope is to get a whole bunch of money transferred into the LMP trust, and into an account that they will still try to control once they get their miserable asses kicked to the curb come June.

For an example of how something like this may well go down, check out the Randy Shaw writeup on how SEIU tried to get control of UNITE/HERE's Amalgamated Bank.

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  1. The money hungry scab SEIU leadership is once again trying to extort payments from members in order to appease Kaiser management. The backroom deal struck by SEIU and Kaiser is another example of SEIU's devious lies. They can't be trusted to improve the lives of healthcare workers. On the contrary, SEIU has been exposed numerous times with colluding with management at the expense of workers in California.



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