Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tasty's Asked the Question...

...anybody got an answer?
Now after 2 huge losses, has it begun?
According to some of the commentary in the LA Times blogs regarding the SoCal Tsunami, it may well have begun...

Dear Brothers and Sisters, on behalf of the 81 organizers brought in from all corners "we apologize", Dave Regan and Anna Burger have threatened our livelihoods for the last time.

We were weak, we all believe in the labor movement, however, after 57 of us have been "laid off, pending review" we seek forgiveness.

While we here at ¡AA! generally subscribe to the notion that it is far better to ask for forgiveness than permission, it is regrettable that the forgiveness had to be asked for after having come out here to be a part of Andy's Zombie Army.


  1. Well. I think that many lives have been destroyed on both sides of this battlefield. 81 adult men and women placed their bets and bet on purple. You Lost! You could not deliver because you were on the wrong side of history. I am not sorry for the fifty something of you that will be fired because after you YOU FAILED to bring home the bacon. SEIU spent lots of money for nothing. You do suck and you should be fired.
    Good luck to you. I hope you suffer humiliation and cannot find employment anywhere because the labor movement is united against SEIU!!!

  2. There is an urgent need for all rank and filers who believe in democracy and progressive unionism to unite our voices and root out corruption in what has been one of the great unions in our country. Some corrupt leaders have already been rooted out (Tyrone Freeman, Annelle Grajeda, and others in California, Rickman Jackson in Michigan, Susana Segat here in Massachusetts) but many remain — David Holway of NAGE is probably the prime example, but also Sharleen Stewart in Canada who is the queen of nepotism. Holway and Stewart rival Freeman in their corruption and there are many more lesser leaders who are in the same boat. We will never have a robust, dynamic union til we reclaim top to bottom democracy across SEIU. Any suggestions for good message boards or discussion forums for rank and filers to connect across the country?

    888 Reformer

  3. Give it up, "888 Reformer"!
    SEIU is beyond reform. A Stalinoid dictatorship cannot be reformed. It is a rabid beast to be destroyed before it bites again!
    SEIU is run by corrupt and incompetent megalomaniacs addicted to their fat salaries and the trappings of power. They will not willingly accede to any internal democratic process for fear of being voted out of the positions they have usurped.
    Instead of wasting your energy trying to reform the decrepit SEIU, you should start a NUHW movement in your state!
    The thing is in rigormortis.
    Bury the corpse before the rats get to it.
    Even the funeral will be a drag.


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