Wednesday, October 14, 2009

If At First You Don't Succeed...

...prevent the other guy from success by any means fair or foul.
EVS workers at Providence Tarzana are voting right now to join NUHW—but SEIU is having the ballots locked in a safe immediately after the election, to hide the result from workers and the public until the labor board sifts through a new string of frivolous charges. This will delay workers from negotiating with their employer for affordable health insurance and wages that can support their families.
Ya want more detail? Here it is...

EIU has been denying EVS workers at Providence Tarzana the right to form a union for years.
  • First, SEIU signed a secret deal with their employer and agreed not to let the workers join any SEIU local.
  • When a majority of the workers filed petitions in February to join NUHW, SEIU delayed their election with a frivolous charge at the NLRB. That blocking charge was rejected.
  • On Oct. 13, just one day before the election, SEIU filed more baseless charges and asked the NLRB to cancel the election. That request was also rejected.

Now, SEIU has gotten the NLRB to agree to lock the ballots in a safe immediately after the election, so no one will know the results until after the labor board considers SEIU’s charges. This will further delay these 54 workers from negotiating for more affordable healthcare and wages that support their families.

This is probably the same tactic that SEIU is going to use at SRMH - to delay and obfuscate until such time as people are so frustrated that things will return to the status quo.

According to the Zombie mouthpieces, this is called "representation."

Let's see what some of those who are actually involved in this fight have to say:

Environmental services workers at Providence Tarzana Medical Center are voting today in a government-supervised election to form their first union, despite a last-minute effort by SEIU to stop them. SEIU's latest request to block the election was rejected by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) yesterday, but ballots will be held and not be counted until the board resolves a string of frivolous "blocking charges" that SEIU filed to delay the vote.

The 54 workers are employees of Crothall, a subcontractor at the hospital. A majority intend to join the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW), an independent union founded by SEIU reformers that sparked a mass exodus from the troubled union.

"All we want is a voice to stand up for wages and healthcare to support our families," said Sandra Quintanilla, one of the workers. "But SEIU would rather leave us with no union at all than let us join NUHW. They want to destroy NUHW at all costs because they know as long as healthcare workers have a choice, we'll choose NUHW."

In the last three weeks, workers at Los Alamitos Medical Center and The Sequoias-Portola Valley assisted living facility also voted to join NUHW. SEIU was forced to withdraw from the election early at Los Alamitos, and at the Sequoias they failed to even qualify for the ballot.

SEIU has filed "blocking charges" with the NLRB to delay hundreds of elections by SEIU members who want to join NUHW. One of SEIU's charges has been blocking Crothall workers' election at Providence Tarzana since February, when a majority of the non-union workers filed petitions to join NUHW.

When the labor board rejected SEIU's charge last month and scheduled the election, SEIU put their "Service Workers United" (SWU) affiliate on the ballot and tried to compete. Despite sending a dozen SEIU staff to workers' homes and into the hospital to campaign for SWU, they were unable to win majority support and tried to have the election cancelled to avoid another defeat.

Last year, the Wall Street Journal exposed "Service Workers United" as a project to increase SEIU's membership by making secret deals with the nation's largest employers to enroll low-wage workers into the union. The employers help SEIU sign workers up for relatively high union dues, and in return SEIU agrees to secret concessions that are not disclosed to members. The very existence of the deals is kept secret from workers. (Wall Street Journal:

SWU has just such a secret agreement with Crothall's parent company, the Compass Group. Ironically, one of the frivolous charges SEIU has used to obstruct the ballot count alleges that workers' chosen union was "assisted by the employer."
Gee whiz. Keeping ballot results secret. Secret backroom deals with management. Accusing other labor organizations of being assisted by the employer when you are already working hand-in-glove with the employers yourselves.

Sounds like just another day at the office for the Purple Plague.


  1. The guy looks like Dick Cheney. Yikes!

  2. The SEIU represents their members by making secret, backroom deals with the employer and management in order to assist in suppressing the voices of healthcare workers.

    If you look at it, SEIU is acting just like the insurance companies so that they can control and manipulate working families.

    It's time to let the world know just how devious and unethical the Purple Gang really is!

  3. Well...The Purple Plague hasn't killed anyone yet...not that you know about anyway (Heh Heh Heh)


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