Friday, October 16, 2009

Pharmacy Agreement Going Down To Defeat?

That seems to be the word from NUHW headquarters, as enumerated in the following flyer that's going around to the KaiPerm offices throughout KPNC (click to enlarge)...

The fact that SEIU refused to openly count the ballots (in contravention to long-standing UHW tradition) is an indication that either a) the result was pre-ordained, or b) they don't trust their best-and-brightest stewards to get the "correct" result.

Either way, this was Zombie UHW's first real test within KaiPerm, and it appears that they are flunking that test. This one should have been a slam-dunk. The Zombies have been putting out press releases far and wide about how they have "saved 150 pharmacy jobs," but they forgot that one little part about how their agreement had to be actually ratified by the a bunch of workers whom were getting their hours cut conceivably by 40% in order to "save" those jobs.

Just another day at Zombie UHW HQ...

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  1. The f word in my vocabulary is not as gracious as NUHW's. What the scab SEIU is doing to the pharmacy workers is f-----! The use of dues monies to put on a party at Disneyland is just as bad. With the economy the way it is, how can the SEIU zombies justify the spending of tens of thousands of dollars on a party which is only meant to placate SEIU's despicable treatment of Kaiser pharmacy workers and healthcare workers in general?

    SEIU will go down in defeat and their callous tactics and strategy will come back to kick them square in the ass.


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