Friday, October 2, 2009

North Bay Labor Council to Zombie UHW: "Butt Out!"

The Zombies just can't seem to catch a break lately. Fresh off of getting tossed out of the NLRB because of frivolous blocking charges (leading up to pro-NUHW validations at Los Alamitos and Sequoias-Portola Valley), it seems that the Zombies are trying the same tactic at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

The North Bay Labor Council has had enough of this cynical tactic, and has sent Brave Sir Regan and Esquirol Medina a letter to let them know just how they feel:

Of special note is this passage on page #3:

Given Brave Sir Regan's disdain for labor councils which do not toe the SEIU party line, I have grave doubts that he will actually do as the NBLC, and the Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital workers, have requested.

However, once again, SEIU has been given the choice on whether to act as a "brother" organization within a group of unions, or whether they will continue acting on their own accord while not heeding the well-formed advice of their labor colleagues.

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  1. SEIU and the zombie UHW, espcially Dave, are completely out of touch with reality. They know perfectly well that the labor movement does not trust them and are very aware of their whining and back-stabbing tactics that put healthcare workers in danger of layoffs, wage cuts and a drastic reduction in benefits. This is the only outcome that SEIU can really offer working families. Do you think they're working on your behalf, or, as most can see, is SEIU working for the betterment of staff and the BOSSES in Washington? I think it's the latter!


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