Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sonoma IHSS Retrospective

Seven minutes of must-see TV...

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  1. Unfortunately my computer's sound system is on the blink. However, I could tell that SEIU has once again shown that it has little regard for the welfare of Sonoma County's most needy and fragile people and those homecare workers who provide the bare essentials in making life a little more bearable.

    SEIU's track recored clearly shows that it will go to extremes in order to snare workers with deceitful and outrageous promises. Hoemcare workers realize, however, that SEIU has been working hard in backrooms with the employer in order to bring down wages and benefits and making it almost impossible for homecare workers to make a living. But the SEIU could care less about this because they are actually bloodsuckers who only care about extorting union dues from the very same workers they pretend to represent.

    The Purple Scabs are destroying healthcare, homecare and practically all represented positions in California and elsewhere. They've been caught in bed with the bosses all across the state and they have no shame about it. They actually flaunt their disgusting tactics. Sooner or later they will pay for their greed and their lack of real representation at the worksite. Dues without representation will be SEIU's downfall.


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