Friday, February 6, 2009

I say po-tay-to, you say po-tah-to...

It looks like we have a difference of opinion regarding why UHW was placed in trusteeship.

SEIU Says:
What caused SEIU UHW-W to be placed under trusteeship?
The top UHW-W leadership has been found to have violated their duties to their membership, engaged in serious financial wrongdoing, attempted to subvert the democratic processes of our union, and failed to safeguard collective bargaining relationships.

After overseeing six days of hearings where testimony was heard from both SEIU International and SEIU UHW-W leadership, former Secretary of Labor Ray Marshall issued a report confirming that top SEIU UHW-W leadership has engaged in serious financial wrongdoing and has attempted to evade democratic accountability and oversight. Link
NUHW (the organization now containing the deposed leaders of the former UHW) Says:
So why is UHW in trusteeship? Because UHW leaders like you insisted on building a member-driven, fully democratic Union where workers, not Washington, D.C. lawyers, make the decisions. SEIU officials couldn’t silence your voices, so they put UHW in trusteeship. Link
Fair enough. Opposing sides of an argument are going to differ, yes?

Well, in the next series of posts, we will be exploring that question, with views from both inside and outside of UHW.

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