Thursday, February 12, 2009

Remember What Eli Medina Said?

In his Robocalls the morning after the imposition of the trusteeship, Eli Medina's recorded voice told all of us that "nothing has changed", that it was only the "leadership" of UHW that had been removed, and that all other union functions would continue as-is after a week or two of sorting things out.

Yeah, right.

The utterly awesome PerezStern relates a story from a Kaiser employee with a wee bit of a problem...
I've been trying to find an seiu field rep to help process a grievance, per the grievant's request (she didn't want to wait until the new union formed). My experience thus far has been horrible.

I call the seiu phone number at the bottom of the seiu-uhw web page. I get transferred around a few times and I end up talking to someone (Susie), who sounds confused and dumbfounded as to how to help me. I give her as many details as possible about the grievance and our conversation ends with her telling me she will research it and find someone who can help me. I get a phone message an hour later from Susie asking me to call her, since she has more questions to ask me. She leaves me the SEIU phone number (866-660-5235) to call. I call, get transferred around a few times, and end up being connected to a voice mail which belongs to someone whose name isn't Susie, and the voice mail says to call a different number and not to leave any message!

Susie does get back to me however, and I give her more details of the situation. It turns out she works for SEIU out of Los Angeles and takes calls for an "intake center" which processes all calls in California. Doesn't sound like a very user friendly system thus far.
Just remember, folks - the "S" in SEIU Stands For SERVICE!

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