Tuesday, February 24, 2009

NLRB Blocks Decert Elections

I know I shouldn't be surprised, but I suppose I can be a little disappointed...

Efforts by a new union to woo away members of Service Employees International Union hit a roadblock last week, when the National Labor Relations Board put work-site elections on hold in order to investigate unfair labor charges field by SEIU.

The new union has also been asked to explain why elections are begin sought at Catholic Healthcare West, since it appears a signed contract is in place. If true, new elections cannot be held until the contract nears expiration.

Eleven petitions for new elections were halted last week; two more went out Monday and others are expected, said Tim Peck, assistant to the regional director of the NLRB in San Francisco. The office has received 27 petitions and expects to halt them all, he said.

This is truly not a good thing for NUHW, as they need a "quick" victory in order to prove their viability as a bona-fide labor organization.

Halting all of the elections (not just those that are opposed by the Purple Plague) seems to me to be a bit of an extreme step, but I have to wonder if Nice Scarf has already met with The Messiah and given him his marching orders vis-a-vis what the NLRB should do with any decert petitions.

By the way - SEIU is complaining about "unfair labor practices"? (snort)

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