Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mary Kay Henry Speaks!!!

Our Glorious Maximum Crown Princess has deigned to come out to California, and she was silly enough to get herself taped and posted to Youtube saying the following:
"Here's what's key from my perspective: The Southern California rank-and-file leadership is going to lead this state back to unity."

(The passage referred to above is about five minutes in).

Having heard the above passage, only the very cynical mind could think that the merger between Local 399 and Local 250 which created UHW could indeed have been a set-up from the start, as a means by which the SoCal union could effectively take over the NorCal union.

Then again, that is precisely what I thought when I voted "no" on that merger.

Anyhoo, I haven't seen any SoCal staff union folks come onto my site yet, but my response to them would be precisely the same response I would have to any Purple Plague representatives from DC - "Get bent."

What those dunderheads in that video apparently do not understand is that people followed Sal Roselli not because he was a part of SEIU, but because he and his staff were actually in the facilities or had recently come out of them, and that he and his staff actually listen to what the rank-and-file actually think.

Looking at the video up above, there is no way in hell that Ms. Henry or any of the Purple Plague give a good G-d damn about any of the rank and file, save for that monthly "contribution" that we are required to provide them for the privilege of having people like them "support" us.

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