Thursday, February 19, 2009

The NUHW Scorecard

And they said that it would never work...

NUHW evidently is proving a tad more popular than some folks in the Purple Plague may have thought they might be.

For hospitals, the list goes as follows:

Sutter: Santa Rosa, Alta Bates/Summit, Delta (Antioch), Solano (Vallejo)

CHW: Woodland, Methodist (Sacto), Mercy General (Sacto), St. Josephs (Stockton), Mercy Folsom, Mercy San Juan (Carmichael), Mark Twain (San Andreas), Mercy Redding, Mercy Mount Shasta, St. Elizabeth (Red Bluff), St. Mary's (SFO), St. Francis (SFO), Sequoia (RWC), Dominican (Santa Cruz), French (SLO), Marian (Santa Maria), Bakersfield Memorial, Mercy Bakersfield, California (LA), Northridge, St. Mary's (LB), St. Bernadine (SB), Community (SB), St. John's (Camarillo), St. John's (Oxnard), Washington (Fremont), O'Connor (San Jose), Saint Louise Regional (Gilroy), Seton (Daly City), Saint Elizabeth/Seton Coastside (Moss Beach).

Others: CPMC (four locations in SFO), Childrens Hospital Oakland

This is in addition to 57 Convalescent facilities.

And it appears that Kaiser Permanente is on the knife's edge of having enough decert signatures to force the vote. That would be roughly 15 additional hospitals for SEIU to try to defend.

It will be interesting to see what the Purple Plague has in store for all these votes, for it will not be One Big Vote - SEIU is going to have to fight this battle facility-by-facility. And right now, the Purple Plague is fortunate to have one organizer for about four or five hospitals in the Kaiser system, and my CHW sources tell me that it is the same condition for them in their system as well.

Well, friends and neighbors, it looks like the "slog" is just beginning...

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