Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gaming The System, Chowd Nation Edition

Much was made about a month ago of the election held in SEIU 888, in which the Stern- supported incumbent slate was tossed out on their butts by a 58-41 voting margin at the hands of a reform slate. Alas, as we all know, this is not allowed in AndyWorld, and the defeated slate of candidates decided to appeal.

The appeal was heard, and granted, by a "board" who were all appointed to their position by the defeated incumbent president, Susana Segat. Not surprisingly, this scrupulously independent board of election judges (/sarc) have granted all of Ms. Segat's wishes, and have overturned the election and have reinstated her and her compatriots on the 888 E-Board.

If you feel like inducing some serious vomiting, then click here to the SEIU 888 site and read just how low Andy and his Acolytes will go in order to hold onto power.

And oh by the way - the reform slate does have the opportunity to appeal this decision. That appeal would go directly to Our Glorioius Maximum Leader himself, who has in his power the right under the SEIU C&B document to render the final decision, without vote or input from anyone else.

Legitimacy evidently is no longer even a consideration at SEIU.

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