Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sickening Desperation...

This story, courtesy of NUHW, truly makes me want to vomit. It is truly amazing, the level to which SEIU has sunk in order to keep people (and their monthly dues) captive...

“They ignored my doctor’s orders”

Virginia is a homecare patient who is confined to her bed due to a variety of illnesses, including the need for constant bottled oxygen due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In just the last few days, SEIU has harassed and threatened Virginia and her family so many times that her health has been negatively impacted. Here is her story, in her own words:

“My family has begged SEIU to leave me alone, but they have refused. We’ve explained to them that I’m confined to my bed because the doctor thinks it’s too dangerous for me to walk. Almost every day they’ve come to my door and demand that I come and speak to them. My family even said to them, don’t you understand that every time you knock on our door you wake her up, and she needs her rest in order to heal.

“Instead of respecting my doctor’s orders, they started yelling at my niece. I could hear them from my room. Two women from SEIU said that if I didn’t come out and talk with them by the end of the month, I would no longer be eligible for services.

“If I weren’t eligible for homecare, I would probably end up in a nursing home. It makes me upset and scared that they would threaten me with that. No one wants to live like that. I’d rather be dead than end up in a nursing home. Honestly I think it has affected my health. Every time I think I hear a knock I’m afraid it’s them again. It’s awful.

“NUHW is fighting for my right to live in dignity in my home with my family. They’re fighting to make sure that those who need it continue to receive the services we need. SEIU is using it as a threat. SEIU needs to stop these aggressive tactics. There’s a lot of very ill people in Fresno, and if SEIU is this aggressive with other people too, I’m afraid of what could happen.”

This is a lady who has put a face and a name to some absolutely shameful, and IMHO borderline criminal, tactics on the part of the Purple Plague - all for the purpose of trying to get their way.

These are NOT the actions of an organization that is confident in its mission.

These are NOT the actions of an organization whose first and primary purpose is to serve its constituents.

These ARE, however, the actions of an organization that has absolutely lost its bearings, and believes that only the transient possession of power over people's wallets will serve their perceived need.

Given the above story, there was no earthly way that this lady's caregivers were going to vote for SEIU, but instead of either quietly trying to persuade, or accepting the judgment of that particular worker, the SEIU reps in the story above decided, instead, to invade the harmony of a home where people are just trying to get well and to get by.

In short, the SEIU reps in the story above were yelling at the family of a critically ill woman because they would not vote the way SEIU wants them to vote.

It is personally sickening to me to have to send SEIU money every month in order for A-holes like that to have a job.

For what it's worth, on behalf of the actual rank-and-file current members of Zombie UHW who are now stuck in Hotel California, and who are thus by extension funding the salary of those reps in the story above, I would like to publicly apologize to Virginia and to her family for what SEIU has done to them in order to, as they put it, "protect worker rights."

Folks, there are no "worker rights" that need protection enough to engage in conduct like we saw outlined above. Whomever is responsible for the above acts should be immediately and publicly terminated by SEIU. Alas, Thug Regan will probably just give them a big, wet, sloppy kiss for what only he would perceive as a job well done.


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