Friday, June 19, 2009

Thoughts On The Fresno Vote...

If indeed NUHW loses this vote, there is nothing to be bummed out about, because the typical SEIU game plan has just been exposed for its most critical weakness, that being a lack of belief in its organizers in the core mission of the group. NUHW just took on a multimillion dollar ad campaign and hundreds of carpetbaggers flown in from all of the most distant stretches of SEIU - and came within 200 or so votes of a colossal upset.

This voting population was a worst-case scenario for NUHW, and they have taken SEIU all the way down to the wire, despite SEIU's efforts to depress the vote (not to mention their effort to suppress the actual counting as well).

This result, even if negative, bodes extremely well for the future fights coming up in Sacramento and San Francisco, as those battles will be being fought on NUHW's home turf, and in areas where it is a part of the record that NUHW has won successes in protecting salary levels in benefits whilst SEIU stood by waiting for their lawyers to do all the work.

Expect SEIU to try to spin this as a Great Purple Victory against the Evil Red Horde. They may even try to resuscitate their 5000-vote garbage, even though that claim was demonstrably false from the get-go.

So let the spin cycle begin, and let the run-ups to the next vote take place.

And to my former brothers and sisters in Zombie UHW, as well as their corrupt leadership, know this:

NUHW ain't going ANYWHERE!

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