Wednesday, June 3, 2009

When In Doubt, Vandilize - Part Deux

The SEIU Thug approach to organizing has evidently caught on down Fresno way, as we have now a second report of NUHW signage being stolen and replaced with UHW trash...
In two separate incidents this week, workers for the Service Employees International Union have been accused of acts of vandalism toward opposing union supporters.

Home care workers in Clovis and Kerman who support the National Union of Healthcare Workers say people have come to their door, torn down signs in support of NUHW and replaced them with flyers in support of SEIU.

Today marked the day when 10,000 workers in the Fresno area would begin receiving ballots in the mail. The election is to determine if workers want to remain members of SEIU or join NUHW.

“I was extremely upset,” said Silbenia Conley of Kerman. She said she witnessed a heavyset African-American male come to her door, allegedly tear down a red NUHW support sign, replace it with a SEIU magnetized sign, then speed off in a newer silver-gray Chevy Malibu. “I was cussing. That (sign) was given to me,” Conley said.

Conley and her husband are both in-home care workers, and she said she doesn’t know how SEIU received their home address.

Conley made a police report following the incident, and said Kerman police told her that it was considered theft since the man took her sign.

In a separate incident, Lesalie Kyle of Clovis said she witnessed a man wearing a purple SEIU t-shirt allegedly kick in the screen on her front door, then place several SEIU flyers in front of her NUHW support poster.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Kyle said.

Pete Janhunen, a spokesperson for SEIU, said that workers that help with the campaign are told clearly to conduct themselves in a professional manner.

“We are very confident that our people are conducting themselves in the most professional manner possible,” Janhunen said. He went on to say that any allegations of inappropriate or criminal behavior would be looked into by SEIU and the organization would take the proper actions against the offender.

However, Janhunen also said that any chance NUHW has had to launch a claim against SEIU, it has done so.

“To claim that we have people that would have come here to intimidate is nothing short of outrageous,” Janhunen said.

Oh, I dunno, Pete, maybe we should listen again to the words of the man whom Our Glorious Maximum Leader has put in charge of the Zombie UHW Fresno campaign...

In any event, it beggars belief that this organizer (with physical description and vehicle description provided in the story above, and assuredly many more details in the possession of the police in Kerman) thinks that by stealing someone's property that they can get them to change their mind to his way of thinking.

That type of "thought" process comes from the top - from Dave Regan - and as such, considering Regan's proven track record, as well as with now proof of multiple incidents, Pete Janhunen's claims of UHW innocence ring quite hollow indeed.

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