Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When In Doubt, Vandalize...

It has to be tough for the SEIU scab patrol to go out into the field and run into people who just don't think the way that they do. Heck, when you run into something like that less than 48 hours after having been told by Thug Regan how to play by "old school" rules, and you are confronted with someone showing NUHW support on their door, what's a scab to do?
Lesalie Kyle, a homecare provider in North Clovis, was shocked yesterday to see a man wearing a purple SEIU t-shirt kick in her door's screen and shove a handful of SEIU literature in front of the sign she had posted showing her support for the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW).

“I was driving away when I saw a man in purple walking up to my door, so I stopped to see what he was doing,” said Ms. Kyle. “I had an NUHW sign behind my locked screen door because I didn’t want SEIU harassing me at home. He rang the bell, and when no one answered he kicked my screen in and put a bunch of SEIU flyers in front of the sign. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. SEIU kicked in my screen and vandalized my door.”

On Monday, SEIU-UHW Trustee Dave Regan encouraged hundreds of SEIU staff to "administer an old-school ass-whipping" to NUHW supporters. (YouTube: http://is.gd/LVV6) "We gotta put them in the ground and bury them,” he said. (http://is.gd/LVWu)

SEIU-UHW Trustee Dave Regan has a history of using violence in conflicts with other unions. Last April, Regan led 300 SEIU staff in storming a peaceful union conference in Michigan, injuring several workers and prompting AFL-CIO President John Sweeney to condemn the assault. "There is no justification—none—for the violent attack orchestrated by SEIU at the Labor Notes conference,” Sweeney said.

Regan has brought more than 900 SEIU staff to Fresno to fight his latest war against homecare providers who earn $10.25 caring for seniors and people with disabilities. SEIU is in Fresno this week to try to stop a movement of nearly 100,000 SEIU members in California who are dumping the scandal-plagued union to join the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW). Monday was the first day of an election for Fresno’s 10,000 homecare providers to join NUHW.

“We knew SEIU-UHW was desperate to hang onto our dues money, but I can’t believe they would resort to this,” said Flo Furlow, an elected leader of NUHW and Fresno homecare worker. “This disrespect is exactly why we’re joining NUHW instead. We demand that SEIU release the name of the staff member who was assigned to visit Ms. Kyle’s home yesterday.”
I would not hope that anyone would hold their breath waiting for The Plague to supply us with the name/number of the vandal who broke down Ms. Kyle's door. Besides, all they will do is turn around and claim that it was actually a NUHW supporter posing as a SEIU supporter doing this in order to discredit SEIU and make people mad at them. After all, when it comes to "posing", nobody does it better than The Plague...
Local homecare providers have also reported seeing SEIU staff swapping their purple SEIU t-shirts for red t-shirts—NUHW’s trademark color—in an attempt to gain access to the homes of NUHW supporters. (Photo: http://is.gd/LVXw)

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  1. Desperate people do desperate things, and Regan and his brainwashed scabs are getting desperate. For SEIU to be so terrified of losing members, their terror campaign and threats have proven NOT the way to go and is blowing up in their faces.


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