Friday, June 19, 2009

Spin Cycle - Zombie UHW

From Zombie UHW:

Fresno Homecare Workers Vote to Stay with SEIU UHW

Fresno County home care workers have voted to stay in our union, SEIU UHW. Mail-in ballots were counted by election officials today in Fresno.

Members decided that staying united with SEIU's 2.1 million members makes them stronger and is the best way to fight the threat of state and county cuts to the home care program.

The tally comes after two weeks of mail-in balloting and vigorous informational efforts by SEIU UHW and a group led by ousted union leaders seeking to convince workers to change unions. Nearly a thousand SEIU activists from Fresno, other California communities, and across the nation came to support Fresno workers.

"As in most elections, the voters have a way of cutting through the noise and sorting things out," said Eliseo Medina, an SEIU Executive Vice President and SEIU UHW Trustee. "Their votes speak loudly that SEIU UHW members want a strong, united union so that together they can build a better future for themselves and the consumers they serve."

This is actually remarkably understated considering the level of importance that SEIU has put on this election. However, it is ironic that Esquirol Medina is talking about "cutting through the noise" when it is his organization that was making all of the noise in this election.

Note again that even though they are ahead in the polling, they were not willing to provide the actual numbers - probably because the actual numbers stand in stark contrast to what Thug Regan was promising SEIU would generate in his infamous speech.

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