Wednesday, June 10, 2009

All Quiet On The Western Front?

Not much is happening in regards to the NUHW-SEIU fight that cannot be indexed elsewhere, especially over at Perez's place. As always, Perez is far more up-to-date on the current goings-on than I am, so please go click over, set a spell, and give him some love.

One thing of note is that Perez's imitator has now decided to apply the "racist" label to anyone who is pro-NUHW or anti-SEIU. This is usually the type of verbiage that is left to someone who hasn't got anything else of substance to argue, but that individual hasn't had anything of real substance to report nor has he been able to back up his spew in almost his entire miserable existence in blogging. With that said, and in the interest of full disclosure, I offer the link to that individual's site here, in case you want to go over and enjoy his artful "contribution" to the issues at hand in the labor movement.

Other than that, it's pretty much down to the wire for the Fresno vote. NUHW is still on the ground in Fresno (with The Plague having pulled out last weekend), and we'll have a result from the Fresno IHSS vote within about a week or so. Posting may be slow in that time, but do bear with us.

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  1. The Purple Plague seems to have pretty much conceded that Fresno is a lost cause. Unfortunately, they now seem to be focusing their efforts on Kaiser again, sending an entire scab brigade to the Diablo Service area and are not being welcomed with open arms.


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