Thursday, February 4, 2010

Meet The New MAPE, Same As The Old MAPE

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Clan Barney evidently just can't catch a break.

It appears that one of the old legacy locals of SEIU 1021 is getting itself ready for a petition to pull out of 1021 in favor of going their own way.

The new Marin Association of Public Employees, largely composed of the leadership and rank-and-file of the old legacy SEIU 949, last Friday turned in petitions to the state PERB indicating their wish to separate from SEIU 1021.

Their reasons for doing so can be found on their website, but those reasons sound (once again) eerily similar to those reasons being given by NUHW supporters for wanting to break away from Zombie UHW. Things like wondering where dues money goes, lack of representation, lack of ability to vote on pocketbook and dues issues, etc., etc.

And SEIU 1021 is evidently regurgitating some of the very same lies that they have been and are using against NUHW.

You have to wonder what is going through the head of Our Glorious Maximum Leader right now, seeing as he now has brushfires burning in UHW, 6434, 721, 1021, 221, and a thriving reform movement going on right now in 521 - all locals that were either trusteed by Andy Stern, or were created out of thin air by Andy Stern out of previously functional locals.

When you keep getting whacked in the face by things that you create, wouldn't you think about stepping back and wondering if your creations are getting a bit out of hand?


  1. SEIU is starting to burn much like the Roman Empire did--and for many of the same reasons-- greed, corruption, decadence and a total disregard for the welfare of the people. Workers in California are becoming totally disolussioned with the once vibrant and worker friendly union. Now, however, healthcare workers, county workers, city workers and school district employees are jumping ship because they're not receiving the reprsention from SEIU that they deserve. California workers are not taking it any more. SEIU has sold out so many of these workers that they are filing petitions left and right to decert. No union could be as bad for working families as is Stern's corrupt, money hungry organization.


  2. It's not just California:
    -- its SEIU/NAGE in Massachusetts and Georgia, which has lost over 4000 members to decerts in the last 3 yrs while their president (David Holway) pulls down 250,000/yr;
    -- its 32BJ members outside of NY who are lost in a mega-local;
    -- its Sodexho/Aramark/Compass workers most of whom have never even see their contract or a union rep;
    -- its workers in Canada whose president (Sharleen Stewart) vies the union as a family business and has made nepotism an art form and her union a farce;
    -- its workers in Puerto Rico who don't know how they are being played by Dennis Rivera from month to month;
    --its workers around the country who are still in good locals but wonder what the hell has happened to our national union.

    I still believe SEIU can be reformed, but the evidence is stacking up against that hope day by day.

    888 Reformer

  3. Right on, Marin County employees!!!

    Like the entire Stern-Burger imperial circus, SEIU 1021 was a doomed project from Day One.

    If 1021's track record in Marin County is anything like their performance in San Francisco with the former SEIU 250(UHW)/535/790 members, or in Alameda County and the Alameda County Medical Center with the former 250(UHW)/535/616 members, the move by the Marin County employees (formerly MAPE-SEIU 949) to decertify SEIU 1021 is not only a rational and predictable one, but hopefully an early indicator of what is to become of SEIU locals 221, 521, 721 and 1021 (or as I like to say, 2-2-zero, 5-2-zero, 7-2-zero and 10-2-zero).

    The whole bird-brained scheme (sorry, birds) was slapped together in a few secret meetings and shoved down the members' throats in a low turnout, pooled-vote, sham election solely to ensure control by Andy the Stalinoid's hand-picked flunkies, Ben Monterroso, Annelle Grajeda, Kristy Sermersheim and Damita Davis Howard.

    Two of these zeroes, Monterroso and Grajeda have already had to be removed, as has Monterroso's successor.

    The other two, Sermersheim and Davis-Howard, face strong internal opposition and are barely keeping their sorry-assed operations afloat.

    It's only a matter of time (weeks, months, whatever), before the whole rotten enterprise crumbles under the weight of its masive stupidity, incompetence and corruption.

    And thousands of us are gonna enjoy watching each and every episode of this war more than the best HBO series, Super Bowl, Oscar winning movie, or Stanley Cup final!

    Oh, and did I forget to mention the Tyrone Freeman sideshow? Did someone say 'feds'?

    But the icing on the cake?
    No contest sisters and brothers, it's watching the trusteed healthcare workers of SEIU-UHW kick the shit out of the purple pimps in election after election, and rebuilding their great union under the NUHW banner.

    That which Stern sought to destroy has risen to destroy Stern.

    Welcome to California, Stern!
    Like the weather?

    And to all you SEIU pie-cards (you know who you are) who backed Stern in Puerto Rico in 2008, I hope you go down hard when your members are done kicking your crooked asses!


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