Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Zombie Follies

Even though not much has been happening in the news of late, things are beginning to cook out in the facilities. One of our Facebook sources passes this story along from Providence Tarzana...

First day on the job at Tarzana Hospital for our NUHW Rep. and Security attempted to throw him out. A group of workers who were having lunch at the next table promptly stood in his defense against security stating that "SEIU is in here every day bothering us but because he's NUHW you wanna throw him out?!!!" He stayed

Not to be outdone by such amateurish attempts at intimidation, we have this story courtesy of SBWF, wherein a Zombie nursing home rep decides to confront a rank-and-file nursing home worker who is gathering signatures for NUHW, and when that intimidation fails, the rep tries to get that worker fired...
So the SEIU rep hauls her to the boss's office and does her best to continue intimidating her there. The worker stands her ground, and begins to lecture this idiot SEIU rep about her fiduciary obligations to serve the interests of the workers and to HER specifically. And the worker reminds the SEIU rep that her monthly union dues are paying her salary.

The SEIU rep, lacking any thoughtful response to these arguments, simply threatens to have her fired if she continues her support for NUHW.
Go to Tasty's place to get the full rundown, but suffice it to say, it doesn't end well for the Zombie rep.


  1. The arrogant and disgusting Zombie rep had the nerve to try and remove a NUHW rep from the facility? The Crazies are still attempting to defeat NUHW but any way you look at it it's a losing cause.


  2. AW, Come on! We need a name of the Idiot SEIU Rep (may be redundent) We need a name of the SEIU Rep. What if she is on "loan" from an andy supporting local? How we gonna F....with her when she comes back without a name!

  3. Sierra, we're dying for a blog update. What's up?


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