Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekend Reading

Cal Winslow. Go. Read.

Here's a taste...
There existed in UHW, before trusteeship, a powerful, democratic and militant workplace culture – based on workers. And years of struggle. It was the foundation of a member driven union. This included a deep respect for the capacity of workers to organize, self-organize, for their courage and creativity – all so absent in SEIU. It still exists, a little battered perhaps, but if these three Kaiser units are any indication, it is, if anything, tougher than ever.
Like I said - Go. Read.

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  1. The flood gates are opening soon when about 100 facilities are scheduled to vote for the union of their choice. SEIU is probably getting real frantic about now as they realize that they can't defeat NUHW.

    Healthcare and homecare workers in California trust Sal Rosselli and the old UHW because these leaders have proven themselves over many years to fight for workers rights and bargain the best contracts in the country.



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