Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rumor Has It...

From the NUHW Facebook crew...
NLRB just released blocking charges at USC University Hospital in Los Angeles. SEIU, get ready for your next Smack Down!!
I have a suspicion that USC is NOT one of the facilities that Zombie UHW wanted released by the NUHW NLRB...

UPDATE - 2/3 @ 7:30 p.m. - Confirmation from the NLRB!!!


  1. Dave Regan gave the Zombie UHW scab staff quite a speech explaining and rationalizing the 20-1 trouncing they took at the hands of the Kaiser RNs voting for NUHW and the almost equally overwhelming vote for NUHW by the two Kaiser professional units.
    He blamed everyone and everything including the NLRB, the economy, the continuing decline of private sector unions, the high unemployment rate, the "viciousness" of the Kaiser RNs and their "irrational hatred of SEIU; he even admitted that SEIU screwed up, but stressed his deep belief that NUHW is akin to the devil, leading workers to inevitable doom and isolation from their fellows who have "chosen to stay united in SEIU".
    He then went into a riff on why UHW could not strike against Kaiser because the unemployed outnumber the Kaiser workers in every California county! Later in the same speech, however, he promised that SEIU "would negotiate the best Kaiser contract ever". (You can't make up shit like this!)
    But not to worry: Dave will continue to get up every morning to work hard to keep the thousands who were still "saved" by being in SEIU from being seduced by NUHW "lies and sins", and to return in 12 months to "save" the small number who had lost their way and voted for NUHW.
    (Note to Dave: California has legalized medicinal marijuana; LSD is still quite illegal and not advisable for use by the psycho-emotionally unbalanced. Drink a lot of orange juice and curl up in your favorite blanket and have a friend - someone like Dave Mott - hold your hand and repeat over and over, "it's all right Dave; everything will be OK in the morning".)
    Then the fool doubled down on the big statewide Kaiser vote coming up later this year by stating that if SEIU loses the 50,000 Kaiser workers, "that's it, there will be no SEIU Healthcare Division in California".
    (This is an account from reliable sources who were at the meeting.)

    Granted, it was not as amusing as his foaming-at-the-mouth diatribe at the Fresno County Fairgrounds last summer, but it was certainly more reassuring for us in the NUHW camp.
    We love you, Dave; you're the greatest! Don't quit because of this small "setback"; stay at the helm - you're doing great! But stay away from those chemicals; stick to the brownies.
    With love from your friends from the Northern California neighborhood welcome wagon.
    PS: You're not in Ohio anymore, you stupid bozo!

  2. Your're absolutely right Sierra. SEIU better get ready for another trouncing at USC University Hospieal. NUHW is going to kick SEIU's scaby ass and afterwards King Liar, Dave Regan, can draft another cry baby speech to his dwindling supporters. It's quite clear that SEIU will NOT be representing the remaining fifty or so thousand healthcare workers in California when they get the chance to vote for the union of their choice later this year.

    SEIU doesn't seem to get it. You're not wanted in California! You've sold out your own members by consistently making backroom deals with management. Healthcare workers are not fools. They recognize thuggery when they see it.


  3. Somewhere in the future Andy and his team will be ousted. How much of the membership have to leave for his "yes" Board to turn on him? Firgure the rebels will take 50,000 this year. By next year they could be expanding into the east coast. There's a lot of dissatisfaction in SEIU (1199) health care Bargaining Units. Somewhere down the line after they oust Andy and NUHW has built a national base we could see a merger. Kind of like the AFL and the CIO in '56. NUHW will have the talent just like the CIO did! SEIU will need that talent, crap, look at the SEIU new hires across the country ..... Useless zombies in most cases!

  4. Wow. And I thought I was an ambitious SOB... :-)

  5. The last thing we need at this point is for Stern to be ousted.
    We need him right where he is and to continue doing what he's doing.
    He's doing a great job!

  6. whatever it will all pan out in the end


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