Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Newest Face of SEIU's Thug Squad

Ooops...wait...wrong mugshot...

Okay, here we go - meet Liz Castillo, a paid Zombie UHW staffer, trying her best to fight off the organization effort at Garden Grove...

As it can be plainly seen, she takes the "fight" part seriously.

A police report has been filed with the Garden Grove Police Department (case #10-02687), and the whereabouts of Liz Castillo remain unknown at this time.


  1. Maybe NUHW could make up a "WHERE'S LIZ?" book.
    Fundraiser ya know. Pictures of different labor rallies with crowds though, not like SEIU today, and the reader has to locate Liz in the crowd.

  2. Liz Castillo is one of the most disgusting scabs ever to take a breath. Former UHW staff while still under the direction of Sal Rosselli have said that Liz is absolutly disgusting and should go back to wherever she came from before she gets placed in the slammer.


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