Saturday, February 27, 2010

SEIU 1021 Tosses Out Andy's Appointees

The results are in from SEIU 1021's election, and Andy's Appointees had a Very Bad Day.

Almost the entire "Change 1021" slate was elected, and most of the current 1021 E-board members who stood for election or re-election (since the offices were re-jiggered for this election) were tossed out.


  1. My, oh my! What a day at SEIU Local 1021!

    Andy's flunkies thrown out like yesterday's papers.

    Another test for Andy and his stalinoids to fail: will the GangSterns accept the results of the election and at least pretend to work with the new leaders of 1021, or will they engineer another coup d'etat by merger?

    My bet? Much as he may want to throw a dictatorial tantrum and crush the new democratically elected leaders, Stern has to recognize the facts on the ground - his appointees only managed to win the very short end of the 10% turnout.
    That's another lopsided defeat for Stern and his stalinoid régime.
    It's clear from the election results that in the inland counties, SEIU 1021 exists only on paper.
    The results from the Bay counties show that Stern has no chance of ramming a merger vote with 521.

    Another problem for Dandy Andy is that he's pretty tapped out after wasting tens of millions of dollars to get his ass kicked by NUHW and UNITE-HERE! His remaining troops are badly demoralized.

    Where will the next California SEIU domino fall, 221, 521, 721?

    My, oh my!

    A happy correspondent.

  2. Aw, Come on! "His remaining troops are badly demoralized" ..... They're not even "troops", anyone decent has avoided this battle. knowing NUHW is in the right, only the Clueless worthless staff are being sent. Andy dosen't need good reps anymore. There's an 800 line replacing them! HAR HAR HAR HAR

  3. Congratulations to the "Change 1021" slate for their stunning victory over Sterns appointed thugs. Members clearly realized that Damita's slate was doing nothing to help them. On the contrary, 1021 was totally irresponsible. The Reps did not return calls, worksite meetings never happened, dues have gone up without any representation to speak of. And most repugnant of all was the fact that 1021, under Damita's direction, sold out so many members that it's almost impossible to determine the the damage that was done. My hope is that Sin Yee Poon and the rest of her slate will help turn around the disastrous direction in which the local was taken by the former slate.



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