Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The CHW Redemption, Part Deux

Well folks, it's official.

It looks like The Purple Plague is going to be given at least 2-1/2 years to brainwash, browbeat, and otherwise abuse CHW workers who have expressed their desire to remove themselves from SEIU's yoke.

The NLRB is taking the position (at least for now) that the contract bar would prevent NLRB from imposing an election.

CHW, of course, could request an election, but CHW probably knows a good thing when they see it, and it's pretty clear that Stern and his buddies would take a much more business-friendly and much less confrontational approach than would Sal Rosselli and his acolytes at NUHW.

Since CHW's contract was approved in late October of 2008, under the "contract bar" language of the collective bargaining law, a petition for representation can only be filed "90 to 60 days prior to the expiration of the contract or 90 to 60 days prior to three years after the contract was entered into, whichever is shorter."

Thus, my CHW friends, you're in the Purple Prison until August of 2011.

The Plague is deathly afraid of any kind of vote regarding its representation. Why is that?

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