Friday, March 20, 2009

Dear SEIU Supporters:

I know some of you are reading this - I check the logs from time to time.

I would very much appreciate it if you would educate me (and any other readers that may happen to pass by here) on exactly why we, who are currently stuck in Zombie UHW, should be content with that fact?

Considering the actions that have been taken thus far by the Zombie UHW trusteeship, why should we willingly remain in SEIU?

I am willing to have any and all SEIU supporters make the SEIU case, so please do so.

But please also keep in mind that, should you do so in the comments, responses will be forthcoming, so be prepared to defend your position.


  1. Please add to your blogroll. We are members organizing to take back our 8000 member SEIU public sector Boston local from a Stern appointed stooge. Unfortunately, its not just the CA locals that are having to fight for member-driven, democratic unions within SEIU. We are very much in the same boat. Thanks for the support!

  2. SEIU to politicians re EFCA -- "workers must have the right to choose a union by simple majority sign-up."

    Chamber of Commerce -- "that is a threat to democracy, workers will be bullied, threatened, harassed into signing up for a union organizer. We must preserve the secret ballot and the ability of management to 'fully inform' workers of their choice.

    NUHW re Kaiser workers -- the Kaiser contract provides for union recognition through majority sign-up and a majority of Kaiser workers have signed up to join NUHW.

    SEIU re NUHW -- that is a threat to democracy, workers have been bullied, threatened, harassed, by union organizers. There must be a secret ballot, with workers getting the chance to be "fully informed" by SEIU before voting.


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