Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rose Ann and Andy, Sitting In A Tree...

Anyone remember the SEIUWatch website? It was a veritable trough of information on the evils and failures of the Purple Plague. Alas, SEIUWatch has gone by the wayside, replaced by this:

It seems that All Is Forgiven between Rose Ann and Andy. All kinds of anti-SEIU videos were youtubed, and they come up in the Google searches, but as soon as you try to access them...

Fair enough. The Google cache has plenty of material, the discussion boards still have archives, and the internet Wayback machine will serve quite nicely if we have to go back into the history of the Intertubes to find out what Rose Ann DeMoro and CNA were saying about SEIU - at least up until last week.

But when Andy and Rose Ann start doing joint appearances in support of EFCA, keep in mind where they were, and where they inevitably will be once their temporary common cause is either achieved or defeated. And do understand if our internal BS meters are pinging the needle if and when they proclaim their fast friendship...

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  1. We don't even need the wayback machine. Here's what CNA was saying waaaay back in December 2008. It's quite a good little summary of their new partner's chronic behavior:

    "SEIU's cozy ties with hospital management and strangling of union democracy is consistent with a national pattern that has generated growing criticism around the nation. Among SEIU's recent controversies:

    - Links to the corruption scandal involving Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich. SEIU is Blagojevich's top campaign contributor, with donations totaling over $1.8 million. Blagojevich helped SEIU by ordering the state to negotiate with SEIU to represent 49,000 in-home child care workers.

    - Corruption charges involving leaders of major SEIU locals in Los Angeles and Michigan. The president of SEIU's largest local was forced to resign after an expose by the Los Angeles Times reported the local paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to firms owned by his wife and mother-in-law. Much of the money went to businesses suspended by the state tax board for failing to file tax returns and other public documents.

    - That scandal has also led to the resignation of the head of SEIU's California State Council over alleged financial improprieties involving her and a former boyfriend, and the ouster of the head of SEIU's largest Michigan local after allegations that he received improper payments from a nonprofit housing corporation founded by a Los Angeles SEIU local.

    - Federal investigations of election rigging at SEIU's biggest Los Angeles local.

    - Harassment and intimidation of RNs and CNA/NNOC staff at a Miami hospital where RNs have also been seeking to switch from SEIU to CNA/NNOC. Among charges there, filed this week, are that the hospital employer used its hospital security to pull CNA/NNOC staff out of area restaurants and engaged in other illegal behavior.

    - Deals with large corporate chains that undermine worker and public protections in exchange for sweetheart agreements to sign up more dues-paying members. Under a pact with California nursing homes, for example, SEIU agreed to lobby against reforms to require better patient care conditions in nursing homes, and to give management the "exclusive right" to set pay, discipline employees, reassign or eliminate jobs, and outsource work.

    - Alliances with controversial large corporate employers such as Wal-Mart which subvert genuine healthcare reform.

    - Silencing dissent of its own members through lawsuits, sham elections, and physical intimidation."

    California Nurses Association


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