Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lawyers, Guns and Money...

Well, folks, it's happened.

Evidently, Nice Scarf is decidedly not happy with getting out-organized throughout the Kaiser and CHW systems by a start-up union consisting of people who are working on a voluntary basis.

So, in true Washington fashion, he has turned to the lawsuit as a means of bludgeoning the UHW membership into line.
The lawsuit alleges the former officers engaged in:

* Theft of UHW property
* Destruction of UHW documents and records
* Extended occupation of UHW buildings
* Misappropriation of UHW proprietary membership e-mail lists and other records used to “raid” UHW members for their new organization and
* A widespread and coordinated campaign of intimidation against employees who chose to stick with UHW after the trusteeship.

“At a time when our members in California are facing a budget crisis and social service cuts that directly threaten the men and women who rely on our members’ care, the former leaders of this local have taken every stop imaginable to set up roadblocks and hurdles,” Dave Regan, another UHW trustee, said in a press statement.
I don't even know where to begin with the above list, except as to say that if that is the best that Nice Scarf's lawyers can do, then their case is absolutely DOA. The only "widespread and coordinated campaign of intimidation" that I know of is being carried out by Perez Stern, and Perez is merely using the actions of SEIU trusteeship scabs to point out what buttholes they really are.

I guess it just pisses Nice Scarf off to no end that the UHW rank-and-file membership is actually making a solid case for getting out of SEIU, and that the only way SEIU now has of holding onto the rank-and-file of its second-largest local is to use lawyers, guns and money to do his dirty work.

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