Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Six Pages, 111 Footnotes...

The remains of UNITE/HERE have put out a policy document which goes approximately six pages in text, with 111 separate references inside, documenting the SEIU approach in dealing with other unions that it has decided to take over and otherwise do battle with.
Stern’s current attempt to absorb UNITE HERE’s 450,000 members while ignoring UNITE HERE’s constitutional process is unprecedented in its audacity and scope. However, actively campaigning against fellow members of the labor movement is not new to SEIU, and the tactics they are employing against UNITE HERE follow a now-familiar pattern.
This ain't your average union-versus-union hit piece either. The details are exacting, and no factual statements are made about people's actions or statements without attribution. One highlight of this document is a graph of just what SEIU has been up to over the last eight years or so...

This graph basically represents how many people Andy Stern has managed to torque off over the last seven to eight years with takeover attempts and other such efforts at meddling in the internal affairs of other unions. The size of Andy Stern's appetite (not to mention his ego) can be summarized thusly:

The recent "peace treaty" between SEIU and CNA/NNOC makes a little more sense now, in that CNA/NNOC is well-funded, is very loud, is very proud, and was probably able to extract more than a little blood money from the Purple Plague in order to bury the hatchet.

That CNA/NNOC also managed to bury the hatchet into the back of Sal Rosselli and NUHW is probably just icing on the cake for Our Glorious Maximum Leader...

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