Monday, March 9, 2009

Pick A Side, and Go With It...

You gotta hand it to the Purple Plague - it seems that their proximity to Obama has made them believe that they can say or do anything and nobody will make any kind of attempt to compare it to their past statements.

We all remember all the various flyers and other justifications for the Trusteeship, but they almost all boil down to one concept - There Must Be Unity In Labor!

So what has the Purple Plague decided to do?

Actively intervene in the possible divorce of UNITE/HERE.


Anyone who has been paying attention knows how the Purple Plague reacts whenever anyone in a red NUHW shirt shows up and starts talking to people.

It will be entertaining to see if purple-shirted SEIU scabs start squealing about "Unfair Labor Practices!" if and when loyal UNITE/HERE stewards tell then to get lost.

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