Thursday, March 5, 2009

Holy Crapola, Batman!

So Joe Average KP Worker gets home, and what does he find in the mailbox?

Damn, KP workers better start looking for work because, according to the Zombie UHW, The Sky Is Falling!

Oh, wait. This is coming from the same bunch of folks who are telling the EAA employees down in Los Angeles that "Until L.A. city professionals determine – in a transparent and empowering process – what a new collective bargaining agreement should include, the current contract remains in place." Remember?

Hmm. Better turn the page, yes?

Of course, the Zombie UHW hasn't told us yet who those member leaders will be, what facilities they work at, or what their background is that would allow them to be "member leaders." Oh, by the way, did any of those "member leaders" get elected freely by their peers after Zombie UHW took over? Anyone??? Bueller???

Ah, well, it's pretty clear that the above flyer was pretty much tactical piece designed to scare the unsuspecting KP employee into signing the attached dues check-off authorization. After all, when you're dealing with SEIU, you have to remember that their first, last and only priority is dues...

Yep, thought so.

And just as a bonus, when any employees sign this card and return it in the U.S. Mail, they will have their full name, address, phone numbers, E-mail, work location, and signature out in public view for any potential identity thieves to sweep up.

But wait, there's more - you also agree that your dues may change (in other words, increase) in accordance with the union constitution and bylaws - which Our Glorious Maximum Leader is able to rewrite at his whim courtesy of his hand-picked E-Board. What's not to love?

The bottom line - all SEIU has now to give people is fear. Andy Stern and his minions are, at their core, black-hearted fiends that do not give a tinker's damn about the common worker. Their primary concern revolves around the power that they can exert over that common worker through their access to that worker's paycheck on a monthly basis.

NUHW started from and is operating from the position of giving people hope. NUHW is an essentially optimistic organization, while SEIU is pessimistic. People are voluntarily flocking to the NUHW banner, while people are (sometimes literally) being dragged into SEIU whether they want to or not.

The difference between the two organizations could not be more distinct.

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