Friday, April 10, 2009

Baghdad Michelle Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot...

Baghdad Michelle has been suspiciously silent of late, perhaps because even she is running out of SEIU doublespeak and platitudes to give to the press. However, in a story written yesterday for the various Business Journals around the nation, she reappeared, and then she let fly with a doozy:
“Once again, we are relieved the NLRB has dismissed this distraction,” SEIU spokeswoman Michelle Ringuette said. “UHW members deserve more than to be treated as pawns.”


"Deserve more than to be treated as pawns?"

This coming from the same outfit that is planning to yank 65,000 people out of UHW's long-term care and SNF division and plunk them into a combined local with Tyrone Freeman's disgraced and trusteed ULTCW with a Stern-appointed president and no elections and no member say-so about what happens for the next three years? And all of this despite their explicit vote indicating their desire not to be yanked out of UHW?

You know, kinda-sorta the basic root casus belli of the Trusteeship according to the Marshall decision?

Does Baghdad Michelle actually believe all the shit she is spewing on behalf of Our Glorious Maximum Leader?


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