Monday, April 20, 2009

Vox Populi...

From the April 20th online version of the Monterey Herald:

Union chiefs out of touch with workers

Recent articles and letters by Monterey County Chapter SEIU Local 521 leaders Ben Franklin and Maria Castillo have missed the boat. They are so concerned with their own agenda to push for "F Unit" benefits that they are not listening to the members who want a union that listens to them and represents them. They have both clearly used their positions as officers for their own political agenda.

Bigger is not always better, as we found out when SEIU forced the merger of our Local 817. It is only better when members' voices are heard and decisions are made in their best interest.

Recently, the Monterey Bay Central Labor Council approved a resolution condemning Andy Stern, SEIU president, for disrespecting the UNITE HERE members. Organizers from SEIU have targeted its members with uninvited visits and other distractions to their lives.

Why not let democracy take its course? Our members have made it clear they want to vote on who represents them and they should have the right to choose. As past president, I hope our members remember the quality of representation they received before the merger and pass those thoughts on to anyone they think might be swayed by the falsehoods coming from our current president and vice president.

After 29 years serving the county's work force, I felt compelled to resign my elected position as secretary/treasurer in protest of the direction SEIU is going since the merger in 2007. Change is coming.

Julie Filice

Unfortunately, Ms. Filice, democracy is the one thing that the Purple Plague absolutely, positively cannot allow to take place.

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