Friday, April 10, 2009

Congressional Notice

It seems that with all the Representation Petitions and ULP's flying about in the wake of the Trusteeship (which SEIU partisans will faithfully tell you do not exist), apparently the NLRB is having a tough time keeping up. The Chairman of the House Committee on Education and Labor, George Miller, got together with two of his House colleagues, Barbara Lee and Lynn Woolsey, to send a letter to the general counsel of the NLRB to let them know that attention is being paid by Congress to the events here in Hotel California...

All three of the Representatives in the above letter represent districts in the San Francisco Bay Area, and all of them have constituents who are being affected by the antidemocratic maneuvers of Zombie UHW and the Purple Plague. And as such, it is hoped that the NLRB will actually look at the merits of the cases before it, instead of employing the pretzel logic that was so apparent in the recent Kaiser decision.

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