Saturday, April 11, 2009

The New Face of Zombie UHW...

Behold the new "face" of the Kaiser division of Zombie UHW. Courtesy of PerezStern, this is Diane Barton, who evidently has been named "Chief Steward" down at Santa Clara, and who has evidently been nominated by Zombie UHW to be the spokesperson for those of us Kaiser workers who are stuck in Hotel California:
"I couldn't be happier with the NLRB's decision after all the months of harassment and deception by people trying to decertify our union," Diane Barton, SEIU UHW Chief Steward, Kaiser Santa Clara. "The government's decision just validates that we have a strong, secure union at Kaiser with SEIU UHW. Now it's time for us to get ready to bargain a great contract in 2010 together with the rest of the 26 unions in the Kaiser Coalition of Unions."
You wanna talk about "deception," Diane? How about 28,000 names having been submitted to NLRB asking for a vote out of 48,000 eligible to do so, or about 58% of all eligible voters signing the petition asking for a vote on the issue? When 58% of the eligible members of any organization want out, calling that a "strong, secure union" is the quintessential definition of "Deception."

By the way, Diane, how'd you get to your exalted position of "Chief Steward," anyway? Were you elected by your peers as was the case before the Trusteeship, or were you appointed by Zombie UHW after the Trusteeship was imposed? And if that is the case, that you were appointed after the Trusteeship, would you volunteer to put yourself up for re-election as a "Chief Steward" to make sure that your position was actually the stated will of the employees at Kaiser Santa Clara? Or would you take the example of your Purple Plague bosses and try to hide behind technicalities and legalities in order to thwart the stated will of the people you are purported to allegedly represent?

I think I have a sneaking suspicion of which path Diane Barton would take on the above question.

Yes, my friends, Diane Barton probably already knows quite well how to define "Deception" - and all she has to do is to look in the mirror in order to do it.

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