Friday, April 10, 2009

Who Else Wants to Check Out of Hotel California?

It's not just those of us here in Zombie UHW who are trying to check out of SEIU's Hotel California - it seems that some librarians and educational consultants in California's "Bargaining Unit 21" have been sent ballots as to whether to dump SEIU. And when the SacBee reported on that, the comment string has grown to about 80 comments, over half of which is some good, old-fashioned anti-SEIU Haterade...
I have to say, I'm amused by how the union junkies are so desparately begging folks to support the union. IT'S A FARCE!!! The union has gotten us more take aways than they have gains. It wouldn't surprise me if they got together with GAS & said "okay, you put them all on furlough for 2 days, that way these idiots will be thrilled with us for 'talking' you into 1 day when we go back to the bargaining table. We'll look like heroes and you'll get the benefit of 'agreeing' to one day in place of 2." Not all of us are stupid enough to fall for the union BS. When times were great & the housing market was booming, they got us 3.5% over 2 years. They tried to tell us they got us 14% with the take-aways being removed. Meanwhile CCPOA & others are getting 10+% in raises plus the take-away. You tell me who's getting hosed here.
Support SEIU? I don't think so.
Read and enjoy...


  1. So you're on the inside of the Zombie UHW and it takes you 6 hours to moderate. You've got it pretty cushie at UHW. When Sal was at the helm you would've had time for such non sense. They need to find your ass some work-especially since the MEMBERS pay your salary. Yeah, NUHW is all about the MEMBERS.

  2. Dear "Anonymous" -

    It actually took me about TWO hours to moderate your drivel, and most of that was taken up by my workout, which is what I usually do at about this time when I am off work.

    Bad news for you, I actually check and track the IPs of commenters - merely as a curiosity, but also just in case someone comes in here and tries to run up some BS, as you are doing with your comment above. The first time you even set foot inside ¡Adios, Andy! was at roughly 3:30 p.m. today. You attempted evidently to leave a message, but failed. It is entirely possible that you were not able to figure out the filter word function. That's not a "moderation" issue - that is known in the business as EBKAC. Utilize some of your Madd Google Skillz you evidently have, and look up what that means.

    One other thing - I'm not on the "inside of the Zombie UHW" - I'm one of the poor rank-and-file slobs who is trying desperately to get on the OUTSIDE of Zombie UHW and into a union that actually gives a rip about the membership. I just merely have friends and sources on the inside, and I'm very careful about my research prior to making any assertions.

    Next time you come on here and accuse me or others of dishonesty, do keep in mind that I will bust your ass if you're being dishonest yourself.

    And thanks for playing.


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