Wednesday, April 15, 2009

KaiPerm Has a New Definition of "Neutrality"...

During the runup to the NLRB decision regarding KP employees, KP put out a statement to its employees indicating its desire for neutrality where the Great California Union Foodfight is concerned.

Of course, anyone connected with Kaiser knows that what one of the HQ buildings says does not necessarily translate to the other HQ buildings, or out to the field management representatives.

The result is what was submitted to Perez Stern yesterday by a Kaiser Roseville employee who just happened to be visiting her co-worker husband on her off day at the KRMC Eureka campus...
After lunch, I came onto campus because like a good Kaiser employee, I use my days off for appointments. I had seen a group of SEIU organizers in the hospital, stopped to ask what they were doing, in a very non-confrontational way, and then went about my business. They went one way, I went another.

As I walked in the door to MOB2, which is where my Department is, and also where my appointment was, I was met at the front elevator by HR. She was very confrontational, asked me if I was on paid time, and why I was wearing a Kaiser badge ( I guess it's illegal to wear a badge when you're not on paid time. Who knew?) We had a few words, and while she was on the phone, trying to figure out which rule I had broken, I headed upstairs to my department, believing the conversation was over.

I hadn't been in my department more than three minutes, when the receptionist came in the back and told me there was somebody waiting for me out front. I was dumbfounded that she had followed me to my own department. Before I knew it, here she comes. Demanding I leave immediately. Of course, I argued the point, told her I was a Kaiser employee and had a right to be there. I asked her to show me a written policy that says I am not allowed on campus during off hours. Her response was "I'm telling you to leave". She actually told me it was because I was "wearing my organizing T-Shirt and my Kaiser badge". I responded that even if I leave the work area, I am also a Kaiser member and have a right to be on campus. At that point, she asked me "well do you have an appointment?"

Now, I'm not usually an individual who lies, when asked a direct question, so I told her "as a matter of fact yes, I'm here for a screening test". Knowing she couldn't make me leave, she decided to just stick to me like glue, I guess. She "offered" to escort me to my appointment. NOW! So we went, she waited for me to register and sat in the adjacent waiting area until I was called back for my appointment. I was so upset about this treatment, I asked the tech to let me leave out of a back door. For all I know, she's still sitting there, waiting for me to exit, so she can escort me right out the door.

Does this sound like the "neutrality" Kaiser is pretending to honor, while we sort out our Union woes? It sounds to me like those "organizer/reps" from SEIU went running to HR with their tails between their legs at the sight of my NUHW T-Shirt and the obliging HR department is acting as their body guards. It's sorry enough that they are always seen in packs. They are too intimidated by the workers they claim to be protecting to come on campus alone. Now they have HR at their beck and call as well? Watch out folks, YOU COULD BE NEXT!"
The HR weenies had better get out their dictionaries and have a good gander at the definition of "neutrality". While they're at it, they should also probably look up "customer service," for the individual quoted above is not just a KP employee, she is also a KP customer.

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