Monday, November 16, 2009

According to Facebook...

Here's a quick report from Facebook by an attendee at the Fund for Union Democracy fundraiser tonight in San Francisco:

Seiu is picketing nuhw fundraiser and one of them is wearing a chicken suit. What's wrong with this pic

Seriously, it's come to this for Zombie UHW?

Well, some of the comments are just brutal...
Nothing at all. They are all a bunch of chicken shit M F's

Such losers the sfpd just made them leave

It is fitting that they are wearing the chicken suit. They are chicken to let the members vote. You know what they say, if the suit fits..

did they mange to get members to show up or was it the guys who stand out in front of home depot looking for work again?

What this says is that seiu is scared. they keep saying that nuhw is not a threat and irrellevant, but they organizing picketing and marching in a chicken suit. if nuhw is not having any success or effect, they wouldnt be out there. be encouraged...
Still, come on: A chicken suit?

What, was the Gorilla suit checked out? Couldn't decide which member of Zombie UHW was going to be the head and which was going to be the butt of the mule suit?

Another outstanding example of our dues money being put to good use, folks.



  1. There was a small collection of real losers out there picketing the Plumbers Union Hall. Yvonne Shaw, Shanrika Turney, Fola Afariogun, Josie Summers, Leon Chow just to name a few. These are union reps? What a bunch of scabs! I even saw two purpled-up idiots who couldn't figure out how to buy BART tickets - clearly from out of town (or retarded) with all due respect to the retards from the staff of SEIU 10-2-0. No wonder the SEIU is going the toilet with all the other s&*t. At least nobody down in the sewers will notice. By the way, no sign of super scabs Dave Regan and Elisellout Medina.

  2. How do you know it wasn't Dave in the chicken suit? Also, don't forget infamous crybaby Angela Hewitt who was there too.

  3. The silly scab under the chicken suit could indeed have been Chicken Dave, or maybe even the former UFW organizer and sell-out, Eliseo Medina. Who ever it was under the chicken suit they couldn't have conveyed so accurately how rediculous SEIU and the Zombies really are.

    I can hardly wait to see the Zombies' faces when they get their ass kicked in Santa Rosa.

  4. SEIU identified the scab in the chicken suit in an article boasting about picketing NUHW's fundraiser. She's Marie Melchor, a minion of Shareefah Joseph, the rep in Sonoma County. Joseph has an evil talent for picking the IHSS workers least capable of seeing through SEIU's fear-mongering tactics and hate speech toward NUHW and winding them up to spout the zombie lies. Hey Marie, you can do better than hanging around with people who are just using you and not really telling you why!!!!


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