Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The New Face of SEIU-UHW

See the poll question to your right regarding whether Zombie UHW now deserves a better nickname.

Considering their reluctance to face an up-or-down vote, I'm thinking that "Chicken UHW" is a much better nickname for UHW.


  1. I agree with Sierra, Chicken UHW does seem to be a better fitting name for the SEIU scabs. Afterall, isn't SEIU too chicken to face an up-or-down vote?

  2. Ya know, The "Zombie" really meant something to me the first few times I read it. Kinda thought it was right on the mark. Having done most of my working years with SEIU. Went to work for Sweeny way back when ..... everybody didn't need to march in lockstep ...... If you were successful in organizing, ya got your way... especially in regards to what resources you'd request ..... and suggested targets you'd probed.
    Now, the SEIU I see has some old timers that are going thru the motions for the 17 months they have remaining to reach pension with Health care or they are lying to keep 'em off their backs. (Sure was a lot of lying out in Fresno) Anyway the new SEIU staffers I run into don't think they just follow and mouth what they are told to mouth. I used to think of them "marching in lockstep" .... and when NUHW came up with the Zombies ....It's so much better than the "lockstep" ...... It fit so perfect!!!!!!!! It's such a shame! I hope Andy dosen't screw up the pension fund too.

  3. Zombie is perfect. It's exactly like a zombie. It used to be your friend, but now it's been taken over and it will eat your brains as soon as look at you. Even though it still looks like your friend, you have to dispatch it.

  4. It's a bit of an insult to actual biological chickens, who don't get to choose their species, whereas scabs choose to be scabs. Guess I lean toward Zombie UHW.


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