Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First Came The Chicken...

...and then came the eggs. From a SoCal reader:

We now have the answer to the age old question: what came first? the chicken or the egg??

November 16 the chicken appeared at the NUHW fundraiser in SF.
BUT tonight, the EGG appeared at the LA NUHW fundraiser.

As guests were coming in, SEIU-UHW zombies threw EGGS at several guests. The chicken was no where to be seen, but the eggs were flying.

Another brillant move: one of the "guests" who was egged was the vice president of the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA), one of the largest unions in Southern California that hosted the event at their union hall.

The zombies were relegated to the side walk down the street from the main entrance to the building, and police tape blocked them from picketing in front of the actual entrance.
They did have blaring lights that they flashed from the distance as people where walking in. If anyone attending the event was "nuetral", seiu's behavior changed all that when several guests walked in shocked at seiu's behavior.
I'm almost depressed at the level to which Zombie UHW has sunk in the last two weeks.

UPDATE @ 5:27 p.m.: Randy Shaw has weighed in on SEIU's egg-o-grams...

The text reads as follows:
One night after withdrawing its support for the California Democratic Party and picketing progressive politicians and labor leaders in San Francisco, SEIU threw eggs at those attending an event honoring NUHW in Los Angeles. Among those hit were the Vice President of the United Teachers of Los Angeles, the union whose support for NUHW led SEIU to threaten to organize teachers in charter schools (not that SEIU has any staff available to implement such a threat). NUHW supporters from UNITE HERE Local 11 were also targets of eggs and water bottles, with reports that one organizer was “roughed up” as they tried to enter the event. Meanwhile, the LA County Federation of Labor rebuffed SEIU’s threats to withdraw its funding -- a threat it has also made in San Francisco and the North Bay -- as each member voted to raise its per capita contribution to make up for SEIU’s withdrawal. Through its tactics, SEIU is unifying the labor movement -- against it.
Just keep winning friends and influencing people, plaguesters.


  1. It is depressing, especially when you consider the potential SEIU has squandered since chosing this ridiculous path of destruction. They're becoming the tea-baggers of the labor movement.

  2. To my previous post I should have added: the reason they're just like the tea-baggers is that they're crazy and completely out of touch with reality.

  3. Just when I thought SEIU had reached as low as it could go, it starts digging...and finds eggs! I think this will be a turning point in the worldwide realization of what SEIU has really become. Given its childlike reaction to those who dare to think different from SEIU, the mass exodus of members from it's UHW local makes perfect sense.

  4. Although the Democrats often disappoint, John Burton is a man of conviction, courage and brains. Unlike some other Democrat politicians, he ain't afraid of Andy Stern's goose-stepping punks, and he won't buckle.

    I gave $500 to the Fund for Union Democracy the other night, and next payday I'm giving $500 to the California Democratic Party to do my part to replace what the SEIU union-busting scabs have withheld.
    If a bunch of us give a little, we can replace SEIU's dirty money!
    Eat shit and die, SEIU!
    Rot in your bunker, Stern!


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