Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SRMH: Three Letters, No Doubt...

Last month, Randy Shaw wrote a column describing SEIU's attitude toward ground rules for the upcoming representation election at Santa Rosa Memorial. In that article was this paragraph:

As I have previously described, SEIU believes it has a moral right to defeat NUHW at any cost, even if, as in Santa Rosa, it means denying workers the right to union representation. SEIU-UHW trustee Eliseo Medina stated in a September 25 letter to St. Joseph’s and NUHW obtained by Beyond Chron that NUHW’s claim to be a labor organization was “wishful thinking,” and that “it does not serve the interests of the workers” to have any involvement with NUHW.

I had been hunting high and low for that particular letter on the 'tubes, and true to form that North Bay Badass, Red Revolt's Keyser Soze, has come up with the goods.

First, let's look at the initial offering from NUHW:

Very measured and neutral, yes?

Now, let's take a peek at SRMH's offering:

SRMH is "open and willing to meet with both unions and discuss mutually agreeable ground rules..."

Of course, that requires mutual agreement - and that takes us to what Esquirol Medina has to say about things:

Nice work there, Esquirol Medina. I especially enjoyed this paragraph:

We'll see how you feel about that "third party" after it kicks your sorry ass to the curb in December.

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  1. The comments made by Eliseo Medina, a former farm woker representative and sell out of the UFW, are disgusting lies that further expose SEIU's hypocritical anti-union tactics and strategy to destroy California's true healthcare union, NUHW.

    If Medina sold out the United Farm Wokers that Cesar Chavez built, how much more unlikely is it that he can be trusted to take Memorial workers best interests at heart? Medina is simply resisting to establish ground rules with NUHW because he believes that by doing so it will legitamize NUHW as a union for California's healthcare workers.

    SEIU understands that when, not if, NUHW defeats them in Santa Rosa, California's healthcare workers will begin to flock to the new union. Andy Stern and his executive board are scared to death of a victory at Memorial because it will definately proclaim the demise of a once proud and vibrant union that looked at the membership as the backbone of the union.

    Unfortunately, Stern's dream of becoming the most powerful labor leader in the country turned SEIU into the despicable entity that it has now become.


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