Sunday, November 8, 2009

SEIU 1000 Keeps The Pimp Hand Strong...

Those lovable scamps at SEIU 1000 decided to have themselves a meeting the other night. This gentleman, by the name of Ken Hamidi, decided to go, as was his right as a CA state employee.

And here's what he got for his trouble...

This particular incident had news reports done on it from the CBS affiliate for MetroSac, KOVR, as well as from the NBC affiliate, KCRA. Video reports can be seen at both links.

Now, it's not like this guy just walked in off the street and got pounded for his trouble. This individual has a long history of not seeing eye-to-eye with SEIU activities, as can be seen below...

Now I'm sure there's a perfectly innocent reason as to why this individual went to this open meeting - as is his right - and ended up going to the ED after getting tuned up by members of the Purple Plague.



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