Wednesday, November 11, 2009

And So It Begins...

Courtesy of Red Revolt, here's the latest "offering" that all of us in Hotel California are being required to pay for.

I am quite amused by the claims of a "proven track record." The only track record that Zombie UHW has proven is one of failure, as can be seen at Alameda Hospital, as well as multiple examples being seen from KaiPerm.

There are also multiple examples which can be seen from the NUHW website, such as this flyer detailing Zombie UHW's acceptance of LESS than what management was on record as offering one short year ago, or this example of two hospitals under the same ownership down in the LA area, and what the (now) NUHW leadership was able to achieve, versus what the Zombie UHW and SEIU team were able to "achieve."

The difference is clear. The only choice Zombie UHW has now is to claim the "track record" - but in doing so, they are trying to claim for themselves the successes won by the NUHW leadership.

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