Saturday, September 12, 2009

Signed, Sealed, Sold Out

In a prior post, I had linked to an unsigned copy of the August 4th "Affordability and Transition Plan" which is the basis of the Zombie UHW "We Didn't Really Negotiate For Layoffs (eventhoughwereallydid), We Promise!!!" Informational Picket Tour of California.

Well, folks, here's a SIGNED copy of that very same document...

The reader is invited to note the signatures of Mary Grillo, "Director - SEIU UHW" and Veronica Chavez, "Staff Director - SEIU UHW".

Let's take a look at what can be found in this document that, according to Zombie UHW, does not allow for layoffs:

Let us be very clear - Page One of the above document states, in part, "The Employer will provide the number of positions being eliminated by facility, classification, position, and employee names for their respective bargaining unit(s). Such notice shall result in the commencement of the redeployment and transition process for impacted employees." You do NOT get to the redeployment process unless there is intent to lay people off. The above was agreed to by Kaiser, and it was agreed to by Zombie UHW. This is indisputable.

Going on to Page Two:

How do you get "there will be no layoffs" out of the above? Especially when KaiPerm eliminated a whole bunch of vacant positions for which those affected by the August 4th agreement could migrate themselves?

Going on to Page 5:

Translation of the above passage: If you don't like this agreement, too damn bad. The above language limits any grievance to the language of the agreement itself, and completely eviscerates any protection affected employees may have within the contract. In one agreement, SEIU-UHW and KaiPerm have rendered the entire 2005 contract null and void.

But wait, it gets better...

Contracts are supposed to contain clear and concise language, such that there can be no misunderstanding. That was the point of the Employment and Income Security Agreement language of the National Agreement. Of course, both KaiPerm and Zombie UHW had to get around this particular little mine field, so what do they do? They tell everyone that the EISA language does not apply to this agreement (even though they acknowledge that there is a "difference of opinion" on that matter), and then try to weasel out of it by setting in language that indicates there is no precedent being set.

Two words: BULL CRAP.

KaiPerm needed the EISA language to be set aside for the upcoming contract negotiations, and Zombie UHW gave that language away in this agreement, for nothing in return.

This August 4th agreement guarantees layoffs, eliminates contracted grievance protections, and sets the Employment and Income Security Agreement aside. It represents everything Kaiser wants, and nothing that anyone in UHW would want - if UHW was even half the union it used to be.


It has taken NUHW representatives to get this out to the affected employees - SEIU won't send it out.

I wonder why that is...


  1. How can members have any confidence in such a corrupt union? Time and time again the purple zombies are caught cozing-up to management at the expense of healthcare workers. SEIU will stoop as low as it takes in order to continue to extract dues. There is no real representation of the membership. On the contrary, SEIU will continue to extort union dues as long as they're in power. It's time that the members petition to rejoin the AFL-CIO!

  2. This is what real leaders and members have been trying to say for the last 2 yrs ( We will lose our VOICE). We need a Member run Union,not Union ran !!!!!


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