Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Zombie UHW Forced To Live Up To Own Agreement

Yesterday's edition of the Sacramento Business Journal had an article entitled, "Kaiser Workers Rally Against Job Cuts."

That's kinda funny, considering how it was SEIU and Zombie UHW that entered into negotiation with KaiPerm and agreed to those job cuts. So I guess Zombie UHW is going to be protesting itself, right? Uh, no...

Union workers are picketing Kaiser Permanente’s South Sacramento Medical Center on Tuesday to protest company plans to slash 1,350 jobs in coming months to offset enrollment losses and declining margins.

A total of 48 jobs are in jeopardy at the South Sacramento hospital, according to Service Employees International Union-United Healthcare Workers West. The union represents 1,438 radiology and operating room technicians, environmental service and others at the medical center and surrounding clinics.

Pickets are planned from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the hospital on Bruceville Road and at Kaiser’s regional office in Pasadena.

North and South they go, and when they'll stop spinning, nobody knows...
“We’re here to show our faces and say we don’t approve of the layoffs and want to sit down at the table and bargain over this,” said Keturah James, a union member who works in hospital staffing at Kaiser’s South Sacramento hospital.
Unfortunately, Keturah, your union already HAS sat down at the table and bargained over this - and has given away almost 50 jobs at your facility - for nothing in return. Mighty sporting of the Purple Plague, dontcha think?

Not surprisingly, KaiPerm is in no mood to go back to the table and give back what was so easily bestowed upon them by Zombie UHW...

The union is mad that Kaiser sent out job elimination notices in August shortly after it kicked off the voluntary separation plan and claims picketing has brought management back to the table.

A bargaining session on the proposed job eliminations in Northern California will be help Sept. 30, union officials said.

Kaiser management will attend the Sept. 30 meeting to “discuss and share information regarding the implementation of the agreement signed by SEIU-UHW on Aug. 3,” Westfall said in an e-mail Tuesday.

“We believe that this unique agreement and the intensive engagement that led to it more than fulfilled our bargaining obligations. Kaiser Permanente has honored the agreement and expects SEIU-UHW to do the same,” she said.

Management continues to meet with SEIU-UHW and other unions to implement the process — but all future meetings about job eliminations will be for this purpose and not to renegotiate the agreement already signed, she said.

Folks, the above paragraph can be distilled down into two words: Pound Sand.

Well done, Zombies. Hope you like that bed y'all built for yourselves.

One other question - why is it that the same people keep showing up at all the protests, even though they're at different locations?

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  1. SEIU is engaged in the most disgusting of pro-management tactics. Stern and his cronies have shown that they can only grow their membership by colluding with employers at the expense of healthcare workers in California. The purple gang will attempt to destroy union democracy at any cost simply to increase its desire for power, which is driven by pure greed. The labor movement is realizing how SEIU works and that, indeed, it has become an albatross around the house of labor and all working families.


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