Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What If The Plague Threw A Protest...

...but nobody showed up?

From an alert reader at the Roseville facility, we have these pictures of the Zombie UHW "We Didn't Really Negotiate For Layoffs (eventhoughwereallydid), We Promise!!!" Informational Picket.

From the reader at Roseville:
"These pictures were taken 15 minutes after the scheduled start time for the pickets - even though management had sent out three different announcements to the entire Roseville area staff (Eureka, Riverside, Lava Ridge, Parkway), telling us precisely where and at what time this "union activity" was to take place, and assuring everyone that they (Kaiser) respected their unions' rights when it comes to demonstration.

So much so that there was a HR Rep from Roseville helpfully directing people as to where to go in order to participate in the protest. Unfortunately for the Zombies, he didn't need to tell very many people where to go, because in the first 15 minutes of the protest, somewhere between 5 and 10 people had come out. Everyone else there had arrived on the Barney Bus."


  1. Actually this in untrue, because it was reported by the SEIU UHW Members their at Roseville that 250 of their fellow SEIU UHW Sisters and Brothers came out to support the pickets. They stated that the people came out to support their fellow co-workers. One member stated: We are out here today, because today it was my fellow co-worker, tomorrow it could be me.

  2. I was at the Kaiser Roseville Picket. Over 100 people turned out from Kaiser Roseville alone.

  3. The two comments above - wildly divergent in their "numbers" - do not jibe with the photos above.

    Anon at 0251 states he or she was there - that may be true - but I was there too. Anon at 2118 is just regurgitating from a SEIU press release, the same folks that told us they would have over 5000 votes at Fresno, the same folks who told us there would be no layoffs, etc. etc.

    They report what they would LIKE things to be. I report what WAS - and I've got the photo to prove it.


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