Sunday, September 27, 2009

SEIU Now Defending Decert Efforts In Maine

From the UnionMaine blog...
MSEA is holding a convention at the end of October. The rumor is that SEIU has troops in Maine. Is it to pat us on the back, support us, or is it due to the resolution that MSEA disaffiliate from SEIU. Some members feel that we will be asked to believe the following:

SEIU has been a tremendous help to MSEA and adds to our successes. Let us look at the recent past - SEIU provided for California, they have provided millions of dollars in advertising to support State Employees.

They have provided a voice in Congress to stand up for California State Employees. SEIU has fought in every way for California State Employees.

Is this what SEIU can do for Maine or is there another reason?

Why have they put so much effort gone into what has been the crown jewel of SEIU?.

Last year they ran a battle with tens of thousands of employees voting to leave SEIU and join another Union and all of a sudden the money, the staff, and more money poured into California. SEIU is estimated to have spent at least ten million dollars fighting attempted decertification efforts from tens of thousands of members.

It seems as if SEIU has won that battle......for now.
Those who believe the above sentence seriously need to get themselves checked, especially in light of the events of the past week.
What did the battle cost other than money? SEIU had to publicly reject card check to defeat the upstart NUHW. NUHW wanted to use card check to validate their decertification efforts and SEIU said card check was not a valid way to vote, probably sealing the fate of the EFCA card check provision.
What the battle has cost is SEIU's soul, not to mention its collective ability to be a positive force in the labor movement. SEIU now stands as a scorned, castigated, management-friendly cabal whose leadership is more interested in personal power than in serving its membership.
Why can't SEIU provide for its membership what they have been providing in the West? More dues $ means more influence and what SEIU offers other states as a matter of common policy, seems too much to offer to Maine.
Trust me when I tell you this, you do NOT want what SEIU provides to members in California.
We took a hit this year in our health care, our longevity, and our pay. Remember Andy Stern says the day of employer paid health care is a dying. Why whould he fight for a benefit he thinks shoud be administered and provided by the Union?

On the other hand, we’re told MSEA with SEIU can achieve what no other major Union in New England has done in years, win a contract with fair raises and a return of benefits. MSEA joined SEIU for several reasons and many of those reasons are still valid. National presence, experience, being part of something that can reach beyond State Employees to the rest of Maine.
That works just as long as you toe the party line. UHW prior to the trusteeship was one of SEIU's crown jewels as well, and look what is going on now.
Make no mistake, a break up from SEIU will be painful , messy, and expensive. Don't expect to see any benefit from that 1.8 million dollars for years to come. SEIU does have the will and money to make life hell for ex members.

So do we believe that staying with SEIU is the way to go? Have they been tremendous force for good, or are they concerned that this could foul up the possible marriage of SEA and SEIU?
Too bad, bub. If you're already in SEIU, you are well and truly screwed. Good luck with your resolution to leave SEIU. If it passes, they may well let you leave, considering the amount of resources Zombie UHW is still having to pour into Hotel California.


  1. Yes in deed. If you're an SEIU maember you're probably being screwed and are paying dues to continue its Machavellian tactics toward working families. Take for example local 1021. These purple plague scabs have negotiated away members' benefits which now require that court workers pay at least seventy-five dollars a month per person. On top of this, the co-pay will probably be fifteen dollars a visit and for prescriptions. Many court workers have sent e-mails to 1021 staffers to no avail. They have pretty much negoitated a secret agreement without telling members what awful predicament they've actually placed us in. This is SEIU's MO and the workers in Main can look for the same!

  2. The MSEA-SEIU members deserve to have a Procedural Audit of their PAC/union, as it's far time for the accounting games to be exposed. The members and taxpayers alike are getting hosed by SEIU and ACORN, and it's time for some accountability!

  3. The division in MSEASEIU in Maine is getting ugly. The SEIU supporters are spending Union money, either SEIU or MSEA sending out post cards, emails, and flyers.

    The divide and conquer technique is at play. Many Mainers would gladly do nothing except they are being called traitors for even wanting to discuss the issues.

    Anyone with an open mind is expecting to be removed from any committees and the backbiting has begun.

    Maine has an affiliation agreement that can be broken. It is tough but not as tough as being a direct local. This is what has SEIU scared. We can do it and they know it.


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