Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Wrap

1) It appears that Our Glorious Maximum Leader has been asked to sit on an advisory board tasked with making sure that ACORN no longer helps perpetuate child prostitution through its offices. Some jokes just write themselves.

2) The NLRB is most decidedly NOT your friend. Sure, you can participate in union activity while on your job - but according to the NLRB, just not too much, and not at the expense of SEIU.

3) Remember those layoffs that SEIU swears that cannot and will not occur on its watch, and are the basis for the "We Didn't Really Negotiate For Layoffs (eventhoughwereallydid), We Promise!!!" Informational Picket Tour of California? They keep saying in their pressers that they're walking the line to protect jobs of people like this guy...


  1. What happened to Perez??

  2. Unknown. It is to be hoped that Perez will resume blogging very soon, and will be rested and ready to go chew some Purple Plague butt.


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