Saturday, September 26, 2009

Zombie UHW's New Lapdogs

Meet the administration at Gilroy's Saint Louise Regional Hospital...

They are an unusually obedient bunch when presented with what they perceive to be a stronger master, and as such are now trying to remind their workers just who is boss...

September 17, 2009

Saint Louise Regional Hospital SEIU-UHW Associate:

Recently, several associates have reported being harassed, both in the cafeteria and in their working areas, by individuals who may be associated with NUHW or some other organization that does not legally represent any of our associates. To be clear, SEIU-UHW is the only union that represents our SEIU associates. Under our contract with SEIU-UHW, duly authorized representatives of SEIU-UHW have the right to be in the hospital and conduct union business within the guidelines provided by the contract. Neither NUHW nor any other organization has such rights with respect to our SEIU- represented associates.

In order to avoid any confusion about what persons are authorized to be present within the hospital to conduct union business, we have been authorized by SEIU-UHW to provide you with the names of the duly authorized SEIU-UHW representatives:

  • Val Tagawa
  • Rudy Vallin
  • Larry Hill
  • Gregg Woods
  • Matthew Nicholson
  • Osvaldo Romero
  • Grant Schott
  • Barry Roberts

No persons other than the SEIU UHW representatives shown above have the right to be in non-public areas of the hospital. If you believe that you have been threatened, coerced or intimidated, or your work has been interfered with by any individual, whether NUHW or otherwise, please feel free to let your manager or Human Resources know. We will not tolerate any such conduct against you, nor any interference with your work or with our patient care mission.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I can be reached at (408) 848-8678.


Lin Velasquez


Ms. Velasquez should probably check below on the story of what happened to Olympia Medical Center before making such broad announcements on restrictions of legitimate union activity.

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  1. what garbage I am deeply offended but then again I will consider the source



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